Contemporary Polillustrator


Much like Narcissus -- who used reflection as a means to shape his own worldview -- artists use their talents to hone opinions, mold minds, and serve as an aesthetic springboard to foment robust discussion. 

Hunter Buydem's everyman's roots are apparent in his works. Sprung from the waters of his classical community-college training, Buydem's portfolio speaks to the successes & struggles, the trials & tribulations, and the synergistic harmonies & strife of the people and the world around us. 

Cognoscentis (only those with the keenest of eyes) will recognize his use of line & shape, pixels & perspective, and chroma & color -- all which yield remarkable depth of understanding of the petty but trying problems that the proletariat face in their daily lives.  


His is a one-man global initiative to lend empathy & understanding to the worriments of all the little people in this great big world.

Buydem's works are meant to evoke emotions, stir passions, and inspire inspirational thought leadership. His mindful artistry is his cathartic yet resolute way of boldly empowering commoners to live their best lives ever ... free of the plebian bonds of mediocrity (like flying coach, eating at Cracker Barrel, or settling on driving anything short of a Tesla.